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Notice of Job Opportunity
Date Opened:   September 28, 2020                   Date Closed:    UNTIL FILLED
Position:                      Imaging Technician                 Agency:                        Records & Archives

Minimum Qualifications:
One year certificate from college or technical school; or three (3) to six (6) months related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Additional Qualifications (Agency/Dept. Qualifications):
Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and other related software.  Ability to work independently in a quiet, secluded office environment. Able to stay focused while performing repetitive tasks.  Must possess excellent attention to detail.  Must be self-motivated and able to stay on task.

Hours:             7:30A.M. - 4:30P.M., Monday - Friday                 Salary:  $16 per hour

Assists the Imaging Program Specialist in the daily workflow and production of imaging services performed by the Records & Archives Department Imaging Division. Handles all aspects of digitization including prep work, utilizing various scanning equipment and software programs, editing and checking images for quality assurance, and tracking projects.

  *   Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.
  *   Promotes and maintains positive and effective working relationships and promotes good public relationships as a representative of Licking County Government.
  *   Scans, digitizes, and indexes agency files as directed by the Imaging Program Specialist.  Proficient in all departments imaging equipment including feeder scanner, flatbed, book scanner, oversize format scanner. Proficient in all software for various scanning equipment. Ability to utilize all settings of microfilm reader/printer (ScanPro machines).
  *   Prepares documents, files, and books for imaging and microfilming. Checks proper order and completeness as instructed, creating targets needed for proper and consistent records identification. Lifts individual files as much as 10lbs and books weighing 25 pounds or more for reformatting.
  *   Sets up configurations and indexes in the department's electronic document management system (EDMS).
  *   Quality control checks imaged material prior to microfilming and/or commitment to EDMS.
  *   Assists Imaging Program Specialist with consultations, records transport, and updates and reviews digital imaging and microfilm jobs as requested.
  *   Performs film audits for preservation purposes and provides guidance for improvement to Imaging Program Specialist and Manager of film storage and care.
  *   Learns and understands the applicable standards such as American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Ohio Revised Code (ORC), Rule 26 of the Ohio Courts Rules of Superintendence, and records management and archival practices pertaining to electronic records, microfilm, digital conversion, and records retention/disposition procedures.
*        Handles information of a confidential and sensitive nature and must comply with departmental policies to ensure confidentiality.

  *   Maintains accurate logs of all items imaged. Provides reports to Imaging Program Specialist and Manager as needed.
  *   Maintains efficient and effective camera operations and performance related to quality control. Sets and monitors exposure settings of analog and digital equipment.
  *   Assists Imaging Program Specialist with trainings and updates to imaging policies and procedures as necessary.
  *   May be required to work with reference staff (Reference Archivist and Court Records Coordinator) on special outreach projects as assigned.
  *   Maintains an ongoing cataloging and/or indexing job; possesses an understanding of the department's cataloging and records management software.
  *   Assists the Manager with Records Commission-related tasks as needed.
  *   Meets all job safety requirements and all applicable PERRP safety standards that pertain to the essential functions of the position and all agency safety procedures.
  *   Remains informed of current developments and procedures pertinent to duties; may be required to attend seminars/training.

Application Procedures:
Submit completed application, resume and cover letter to the Licking County Human Resources Department, 20 South Second Street, 3rd Floor, Newark, Ohio 43055.  Applications can be obtained in person in the Human Resources Department between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. daily or printed from the web site at www.lcounty.com<http://www.lcounty.com>.
Successful candidates will be subject to Licking County's pre-employment drug screen and background check
Licking County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Tammy J. Smoke, PHR, SHRM-CP, CTRM, HSC
Talent / Training Coordinator
Licking County Human Resources
tsmoke at lcounty.com<mailto:tsmoke at lcounty.com>
Phone:  740-670-5148
Fax:        740-670-5152

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