[Ohiodig] Digitally Archiving Zoom Meetings

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Hmm the language in Zoom's ToS doesn't seem to be too concerned about this, except that you retain rights to any shared materials you already hold rights to. Not helpful!
This privacy policy post<https://zoom.us/privacy> states, in conversational language, that "your meetings are yours".
Farther down the page, in a section labeled Recordings, we get "A meeting host may choose to store a recording of a meeting on the host’s local storage device, not in Zoom’s cloud. When a host chooses to do that, Zoom does not have any control over the recording."
In light of that, I'd go back to ponder how liberally (or literally) BPL's counsel tends to view copyright practices.

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Wondering if anyone has advice regarding or can recommend a resource to consult. I am exploring copyright and other intellectual property right issues as they would pertain to digitally archiving meetings recorded with Zoom specifically and any other related platform generally and archiving screenshots of such.

I could not determine from Zoom's policies who the copyright owner to the recorded meeting would be. If it is the entity that produced the meeting I am good to go as I have permission from that entity to archive it and/or screenshots of it to my library's digital archive. However, if Zoom, whose trademarked logo appears in the video can claim any rights to it then that might be another issue.




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