[Ohiodig] Metadata Mini-Grant Webinar Reminder - Register Now!

jjohnson at library.ohio.gov jjohnson at library.ohio.gov
Wed Sep 30 08:59:47 EDT 2020

Good morning!
There's no debate about it: metadata is great, and grant money is even better!
So if your library or archive could use up to $4999 to clean up your metadata and join the Ohio Digital Network<https://ohiodigitalnetwork.org/> to share your collections with the Digital Public Library of America<https://dp.la/>, you'll want to apply for our Metadata Mini-Grant<https://library.ohio.gov/metadata-mini-grants/>.
And if you think you might have questions or want to learn more about it, you'll want to attend our informational webinar. It's just one week from today on Wednesday October 7 at 11:00.
Registration is quick and easy<https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=xPz4UNiUB0-E6zbtV8fIoltqBgEdu_tHi4NC-68gbylUODZOR1YxNE1XVk9UOVY4RkZCNVhCTzQ1Ti4u>, see you there!

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Jen Johnson


Library Consultant

Ohio Digital Network Project Coordinator



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