[Ohiodig] 2020 Survey of Digital Collections and Preservation in Ohio

jjohnson at library.ohio.gov jjohnson at library.ohio.gov
Thu Nov 5 16:33:00 EST 2020

Hello, and happy World Digital Preservation Day<https://www.dpconline.org/events/world-digital-preservation-day>!
In the interest of supporting digital collection work in our own corner of the world, today we are launching the 2020 Survey of Digital Collections and Preservation in Ohio<http://bit.ly/ODN2020Survey>.
The survey is designed for all types of libraries and cultural heritage organizations, whether currently working with digitization and digital collections or not, so take a few minutes to fill it out today.
We'll be able to share the aggregated data in early 2021 so that you can see what others in Ohio are up to, but we'll also be using it to shape the support that the Ohio Digital Network and the State Library of Ohio provide to all.

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Jen Johnson
Library Consultant
Ohio Digital Network Project Coordinator

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