[Ohiodig] 3d digital repositories?

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Hi Peter,

One popular host is Sketchfab<https://sketchfab.com/>. We don't currently use it, but I think there are other OhioDIGers who do. FYI, your former employer recently rolled out a plugin for CONTENTdm to embed SketchFab models<https://cdmdemo.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p15700coll2/id/19>. Some people have criticized Sketchfab's pricing tiers, so I'd also be interested in hearing what solutions -- onsite or third party -- people are using for 3D.


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I only recently learned of the existence of MorphoSource (https://morphosource.org), a CMS that’s intended to host 3D media representing physical artifacts.  So, instead of hosting a photograph depicting a fossil, the server’s giving the user the ability to download the information to feed into a 3D printer that will allow them to print a similar item.

Has anyone had any experience with MorphoSource or other online repositories that allow libraries / museums to host 3D data, or know of similar systems?

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