[Ohiodig] It's an ODN Digi Hour and You're Invited!

jjohnson at library.ohio.gov jjohnson at library.ohio.gov
Thu Apr 30 15:23:14 EDT 2020

Hello, far-flung friends! The State Library is tooling up more work from home options for us, so I'd love to host a digital collections happy hour for us to gather and share what we've been working on (or not!) in the past weeks.
Drop in or out as you can, there will be a loose agenda but no official notes or attendance taken - we'd love to see you!

We are now using Microsoft Teams, and even if you are not, you can join as a guest either via video or audio chat on your computer, or call in from a phone line.
Please mark your calendars if you'd like to attend our casual-ish gathering and I'll be adding the call in and meeting links to the Outlook invite as we get that capability in the next few days.


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Jen Johnson
Digitization Consultant
Ohio Digital Network Project Coordinator
[cid:image012.png at 01D61F03.42F76200]<https://www.facebook.com/StateLibraryOhio>  [Description: Description: Description: Twitter logo - links to the State Library of Ohio's Twitter page] <http://twitter.com/statelibohio>   [Description: Description: Description: Blog logo - Links to the State Library of Ohio's blog] <http://library.ohio.gov/blog/>   [cid:image015.png at 01D61F03.42F76200] <http://pinterest.com/stlibohio/>

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